Maxim has just completed a fashion/experimental film entitled “The Blue Cat”

This new work from photographer Jean-Francois Carly, stars super cool model Rose Van Bosstraeten in a vision straight out of the photographer’s dark and slightly surreal world: a girl moves in a dream-like state, apparently trapped for eternity. Or is this a vision in her mind?

The Blue Cat has a slightly crazy, off-kilter feel, leaving viewers scratching their heads as to what is really going on. Maxim has cut the film with nightmarish precision, using his skills with digitalized technological effects, distortion, filming, projecting, re-filming and recycling to maximum effect. The visuals combine with the dark twisted sounds and brutal synth chords of the soundtrack ‘Weigh Me Down’ from Lorn. The results are mesmeric, opaque and more than a little creepy.

Maxim Young & Jean-Francois Carly have been collaborating on film since their meeting in 2002. For more films go to: